Thursday, July 25



Registration Opens | Junior Ballroom Foyer

8:00AM   Publisher's Showcases
    Alfred Publishing Company | Grand Ballroom IJ
    Hal Leonard Corporation | Grand Ballroom CD
    Music Development Program | Grand Ballroom GH


Yellow Cat Music Publishing | Lilac AC

9:00AM   Welcome/Announcements/Introductions | Grand Ballroom EF



9:15AM   Keynote Address Franz Liszt as the Cultural Ambassador of the 19th Century: 
    Alan Walker | Grand Ballroom EF



10:00AM    Panel Discussion A Conversation with Leaders in Piano Pedagogy from Around the World, Representing China, Korea, Australia, Canada, European Union (Germany), and Latin America:
    Moderated by Andrew Hisey | Grand Ballroom EF



11:00AM   Break



11:15AM   Workshops (Choose One)
    The Dynamics of Group Teaching: Gail Berenson, Sylvia Coats, Christopher Fisher | Grand Ballroom IJ
    The Top 40: Intermediate to Lower-Advanced Core Piano Literature: Jane Magrath | Grand Ballroom CD
    Dedicated Adult Students: The Inside Scoop from Earnest Adults about Improving Technique, Learning Important Repertoire and Pursuing Their Avocation: Michelle Conda, Jackie Edwards-Henry, Janet Finch, Ramona Kime, Pamela Pike | Grand Ballroom AB
    A Teacher’s Companion for All Methods: Judith Jain, Craig Sale | Grand Ballroom GH
    Mobile Devices and the Modern Music Teacher: Crucial Tools Wherever You Go: Linda Christensen, Michelle Sisler, Kathleen Theisen | Lilac AC



12:15PM   Noontime Recital Renée-Paule Gauthier and Alexandra Nguyen  | Grand Ballroom EF



12:15PM   Research Posters on Display until 2:00



1:00PM   Visit the Exhibits!



2:15PM   Workshops (Choose One)
    Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio, Part 1: Wendy Stevens | Lilac BD
    Night Visions: A Discussion and Performance of Seldom-Encountered Nocturnes by Various Composers: Michael Landrum | Grand Ballroom GH
    Using Technology to Teach Expressive Performance: Accompanying Silent Movies in the Piano Studio: Penny Lazarus | Lilac AC
    Planning for Progressive Growth in the Intermediate Years: The New School for Music Study | Grand Ballroom AB
    The Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the Piano Studio: Beth Bauer, Scott Price | Grand Ballroom CD
    Beyond Mozart, Schubert, and Brahms: Forgotten Masters of Piano Four-Hand Composition: Steve Harlos with Brad Beckman, Laura Melton, and Carolyn True | Grand Ballroom IJ



3:15PM   Teaching Demonstration Magic Not Required! How Planning and Persistence Produce Young Pianists: 
    Cathy Lysinger | Grand Ballroom EF



5:00PM   Publisher's Showcases
    FJH Music Company | Lilac AC
    Music Development Program | Grand Ballroom IJ
    Hal Leonard | Grand Ballroom CD
    Keys to Imagination | Lilac BD



6:00PM   Exhibits Close



8:00PM   Evening Concert MTNA National Piano Audition Winners | Grand Ballroom EF