2013 Teaching Demonstrations

Master Class with 2013 MTNA Winners

Irish pianist Peter Mack is celebrated for his moving performances, and his easy rapport with audiences.  He has performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, as well as in Australia, India, and the former Soviet Union.  He is known for his extensive repertoire, having played twenty-five concertos with orchestras. 

The Los Angeles Times wrote, "Mack is one of those lucky ones, born with a completely balanced set of talents.  He has perfect piano hands, his technique is all but infallible, he has boundless temperament, style and taste, and above all, he communicates directly....  In all capacities he is indefatigable…."  


A winner of the New Orleans, Young Keyboard Artists, and Pacific International Piano Competitions, Peter Mack is equally well-known as a clinician, convention artist, adjudicator, and teacher.  His students are frequent winners of local, national, and international competitions including winners of the 2011 MTNA national junior and senior duet competitions.  Dr. Mack is Professor of Piano Performance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. 

Photo: Michelle Smith Lewis

Magic Not Required! How Planning and Persistence Produce Young Pianists

This teaching demonstration is designed to focus on lesson-time efficiency and student accountability as critical ingredients to achieving above-average results with a typical intermediate student – that is, a very busy, sometimes-likes-to-practice-and-sometimes-really-doesn’t kind of student. Using a combination of video and live teaching, participants will follow preparation and introduction of new repertoire through various stages of development up to a finished performance.

Catharine Lysinger is a senior lecturer in piano pedagogy and piano at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. She is honored to work every year with some of the finest new generation of piano teachers.



It’s Only Natural:  Planting the Seeds for Growth in Elementary Teaching    

Carefully programmed teaching facilitates growth, which becomes a natural process for the student.  This session explores videotaped examples of group teaching, illustrating the preparation of elements from week to week resulting in students’ ownership of concepts such as note reading, rhythm, and expressivity. Group teaching of students in their first and second year at The New School for Music Study in Kingston, NJ will be shown.

Amy Glennon studied piano pedagogy with Frances Clark and Louise Goss and has been on The New School for Music Study faculty since 1996. She is the co-author of the Side by Side duet collections.


Angela Triandafillou is on the faculty of The New School for Music Study where she teaches private and group piano. She holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma and Ithaca College.



 A Multiple-Perspective Master Class

What does good technique look like and sound like?  How can we tell if a student’s practice and performance habits reflect healthy physical and psychological habits?  In this unusual and innovative performance class, three world-class professionals (an international concert artist, an expert in biomechanics and technique, and a mental health professional) will co-teach performers from a diversity of perspectives.  The session will end with time for questions from the audience.

Hando Nahkur has garnered top prizes in both national and international piano competitions in the USA, Canada, Italy, Russia, and Greece, as well as his native Estonia.  Read more about his remarkable career under Concerts.



Kathleen Riley, Ph.D. is an internationally known pianist, pedagogue, lecturer and clinician on musicians’ technique and injury prevention.  She is a Yamaha Artist in Education and her publications appear in peer reviewed journals.



Julie Jaffee Nagel, Ph.D. is known internationally for her work in performance anxiety.  A graduate of The Juilliard School, University of Michigan, and author of the book Melodies of the Mind, she is in private practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan.