2013 Handouts


Click below to download PDF versions of the handouts from the following NCKP 2013 sessions:

The Pre-Conference Seminar on Collegiate Pedagogy Teaching--

Cutting Edge Tools to Enhance Independent or Collaborative Research for Collegiate Pedagogy Teachers | Huei-Li Chin, Rebekah Jordan-Miller, Lisa Zdechlik

The Pre-Conference Seminar on Independent Music Teaching--

Conducting the Transfer Student Interview | The Committee on Independent Music Teaching

Developing a Curriculum for the Intermediate Transfer Student | Jane Magrath

The Technique Behind Intermediate Repertoire | Nancy Bachus

The Pre-Conference Seminar for Students and Young Professionals--

Repertoire Balance and the Various Historical Periods | Jane Magrath

The Pre-Conference Seminar on Technology--

Technology at Your Fingertips | Michelle Gordon, Michelle Sisler, Kathleen Theisen

Conjuring the Creative Composer | Linda Christensen, Kathy Maskell

Drama-Free Sightreading | Linda Christensen, Kathy Maskell

Streamline Your Studio and Reclaim Your Time | Shana Kirk, Stella Sick, Kathleen Theisen

The Virtual You: Creating an Online Presence for Yourself and Your Studio | Linda Christensen, George Litterst, Michelle Sisler

Mobile Devices and the Modern Music Teacher | Linda Christensen, Michelle Sisler, Kathleen Theisen

Beyond the Piano Studio: How to Make Engaging Instructional Videos for Your Students | Mario Ajero, Shana Kirk, Stella Sick

Plenary Sessions--

Panel Discussion: A Conversation with Pedagogy Leaders from Around the World | Claudia Deltragia

PEDx3 Session 2: Take a Stand and El Sistema | Karen Zorn

PEDx3 Session 3: The Gift of Music: Piano at a Women's Correctional Institution | Anna Hamilton


The Top 40: Intermediate to Lower-Advanced Core Piano Literature | Jane Magrath

Using Technology to Teach Expressive Performance | Penny Lazarus

Fresh Impressions: Examining the Interview Process | Rebecca Pennington

Teaching Scenarios: Handling the Realities of Life | Gail Berenson, John Chong, Linda Cockey, Vanessa Cornett-Murtada, William Dawson, Brenda Wristen

Teaching Scenarios: Wellness Resources | Linda Cockey

Beyond Mozart, Schubert, and Brahms: Forgotten Masters of Piano Four-Hand Composition | Steve Harlos with guest performers Brad Beckman, Laura Melton, and Carolyn True

Building Firm Foundations for Music Literacy | Janna Olson