2013 Pre-Conference Seminar for Collegiate Pedagogy Teaching

Brought to you by the NCKP Committee on Collegiate Pedagogy Teaching, Ann Gipson and Yu-Jane Yang, Co-Chairs

A New Era of Collegiate Pedagogy Teaching

Seeking motivation and inspiration to revitalize your teaching? Searching for new strategies to effectively prepare your student teachers to be the most dynamic and successful piano instructors in the profession? Dreaming of a time-saving network of colleagues and access to the most up-to-date teaching resources and pedagogy research?

Come join us at the 2013 NCKP Pre-Conference Seminar for Collegiate Pedagogy Teaching to exchange fresh ideas with pedagogy colleagues and leaders in the field! Building on the successful group discussion model of our 2011 Pre-Conference Seminar, you will engage in provocative discussions on the topic “What is good teaching?”; discover how the new technology-based initiatives can help you collaborate with colleagues and keep pace with the latest research related to piano teaching; and invigorate your passion for teaching to inspire a new era of musicians and pedagogues.