Pre-Conference Seminars
Wednesday, July 27

NCKP 2011 will present six pre-conference seminars running concurrently on Wednesday, July 27:

Pre-Conference Keynote Address

Pete Jutras
The Future of Pedagogy: Training the Teachers of Tomorrow

Teachers and their students represent the future of any profession, and those who train teachers bear a great responsibility. This brief address will examine important questions on the road that lies before us. Are we equipping future teachers to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world? Are students today fundamentally different from those of past generations? Do they learn differently? Has the role of music in society changed? How has technology affected our profession? How do these issues impact music instruction, and are our young teachers prepared to teach future generations?

Pete Jutras is an Assistant Professor of Piano and the Piano Pedagogy Specialist at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Clavier Companion magazine, a leading piano pedagogy journal. His writings have been published in The Journal of Research in Music Education, American Music Teacher, and Keyboard Companion magazine, and he is a frequent presenter at conferences across the country and around the world.

Independent Music Teachers
Your Studio: Inspiring, Profitable, and Serving Students' Needs

NCKP Committee on Independent Teachers, Gail Lew, Chair

David Cutler
The Savvy Music Teacher

Becoming a private music teacher is a great career option for a number of reasons. But how much can these professionals reasonably expect to earn? This workshop presents an economic blueprint for success, demonstrating a specific step-by-step plan for maximizing income.

David Cutler balances a varied career as a jazz and classical composer, pianist, educator, arranger, conductor, collaborator, concert producer, author, blogger, consultant, speaker, advocate, and entrepreneur. His book The Savvy Musician helps musicians 1) build a career, 2) earn a living, and 3) make a difference. Visit David Cutler online at:

Suzanne Schons
Train that Brain! Teaching and Practice Strategies to Maximize Student Learning

A brief overview of how the brain learns and processes music will be presented, and research findings from neuroscience, psychology, and education will be channeled into practical, easy-to-use teaching and practice tips.

Suzanne Schons is on the music faculty of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, and teaches piano at the K & S Conservatory of Music. She holds a PhD in Music Education-Piano Pedagogy.

Erin Bennett, Siok Lian Tan, and Richard Van Dyke
Ten Steps to Parnassus: The Classical Sonata

This session will focus on sonata literature, presenting the ten progressive steps - from the earliest sonatinas to the most advanced sonatas - to prepare students to tackle increasingly difficult repertoire. Each step includes technical requirements and exercises correlated to the difficulties in the repertoire.

Erin K. Bennett is an Assistant Professor of Piano and head of Piano Pedagogy at the University of North Florida and serves on the faculty of Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan. An active presenter at national conferences, including MTNA and GP3, she has been published in Clavier Companion and American Music Teacher.

Siok Lian Tan is an Associate Professor of Piano at Miami University, OH, where she teaches applied piano, piano pedagogy, and coordinates the class piano program. She received her DMA degree from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

Richard Van Dyke, NCTM, is the Director of Operations at the Cincinnati Music Academy. His studio motto, "Practice to Prosper", motivates students to excel at all levels. He received his DMA from UC-CCM and is President-Elect of the OhioMTA.

Susan Bruckner
Teenage Exuberance

This workshop will unlock many of the puzzles of how and why teens are uniquely different. Many pedagogical techniques will be offered for this developmental stage in a lively, interactive format combining science and practicum.

Susan Bruckner has degrees from the Eastman School of Music, The New School for Music Study, and the San Francisco Conservatory. She teaches piano at Cabrillo College and is author of The Whole Musician.

Beth A. Bauer and Scott Price
Teaching Students with Disabilities: A Town Hall Meeting

Scott Price will share video clips and report on his work with students with special needs. Beth A. Bauer will present a live teaching demonstration with students from the "Beethoven's Buddies" program at Wheaton College. Their presentations will be followed with a Town Hall Meeting on Students with Special Needs in which the audience can submit questions for discussion and professional insight.

Beth A. Bauer received her DMA from Indiana University. She teaches pedagogy courses at Wheaton College Conservatory of Music and coordinates the music for special learners program at their Community School of the Arts. Her work with students with special needs has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Scott Price chairs the piano department at the University of South Carolina where he is Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy. Dr. Price is creator and editor-in-chief of the on-line journal, Piano Pedagogy Forum , which received the 2008 MTNA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award. His work with autistic students has been featured on national television (Dateline NBC) and at the national conventions of MTNA and NCKP.

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Pedagogy Students and Young Professionals
Developing a Niche in Today's Economy

NCKP Committee on Pedagogy Students and Young Professionals, Lesley McAllister and Lauren Thompson, Co-Chairs

Kristin Yost and Kathleen Theisen
Got Money? How to Write A Business Plan That Gets You Thousands!

Are you ready to grow your independent teaching studio, or are you considering the possibility of opening a music school in a commercial location? Join Kristin Yost and Kathleen Theisen in an invigorating, information-packed session that will give you the essentials on how to construct a business plan that will get approved! Receive step-by-step guidance and practical business advice to enhance what you already know, and make progress toward achieving your financial goals.

Kristin K. Yost, NCTM, is the founder and Executive Director for The Centre for Musical Minds based in Frisco, TX. Ms. Yost holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and MM from Southern Methodist University. An active presenter at the national level, her areas of professional interest and expertise include music business for independent teachers and practical application of technology in student lessons. To find more about Ms. Yost or CMM, please visit

An active teacher, author, and performer, Kathleen Ann Theisen, NCTM, has presented workshops on topics such as jazz piano, music technology, web design, studio entrepreneurship, and music for life at MTNA, ATMI and NCKP. She has taught piano and voice for 21 years in her private studio and is Assistant Professor at Western Connecticut State University. A soloist with many regional opera companies and symphonies, she made her debut with the Metropolitan Opera Chorus in 2003.

Pete Jutras
Viable Video: Basic Principles of an Effective Portfolio

In recent years the expansion of the Internet and growth of technology have established video as an essential means of communication. This session will explore basic principles, applications, and techniques for creating and sharing videos and video portfolios that can be used in a variety of professional and pedagogical applications.

Pete Jutras is an Assistant Professor of Piano and the Piano Pedagogy Specialist at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Clavier Companion magazine, a leading piano pedagogy journal. His writings have been published in The Journal of Research in Music Education, American Music Teacher, and Keyboard Companion magazine, and he is a frequent presenter at conferences across the country and around the world.

Melissa Falb
Community Music Schools: Finding Your Niche in a Vibrant Arts Community

As music education trends continue to evolve, community music schools are growing to meet the needs of their diverse student populations. Discover how to adapt your teaching style to be an effective and marketable teacher at community music schools nationwide. Hear about the exciting programs at one of the country's leading community music schools, MacPhail Center for Music, and learn about potential teaching opportunities. You will leave this session with specific tips for crafting your resume and interview strategies to help you get hired at a community music school.

Melissa Falb is the Director of Group Instruction and a member of the piano faculty at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her role as Director of Group Instruction, she helped design many innovative new programs and offerings including Hip Hop Camp and Composing for Video Games. Melissa received her BA from Goshen College and her MM from Westminster Choir College of Rider University in piano performance and pedagogy.

Lesley McAllister, Courtney Crappell, Scott Donald, Amy Glennon
Developing from Student to Professional: A Practical Overview
Moderated by Martha Hilley

Join four successful teachers in this panel presentation as they share valuable, practical insights from their experiences in the professional world:

Lesley McAllister
The Young Professional in Academia

What can you do while earning your degree, during your first job, and then later in the first years of your "dream job" to ensure that you have job security in the form of tenure? We will briefly discuss building effective curriculum vitae, setting goals with a five-year plan, and aligning teaching with performance and research to allow for efficiency and productiveness in all areas of your life.

Lesley Sisterhen McAllister is Assistant Professor of Piano and Director of Piano Pedagogy at Baylor University. She has been published in Keyboard Companion, Piano Pedagogy Forum, and American Music Teacher (AMT), and her recent article in AMT was chosen as the 2010 "Article of the Year". Chair of the editorial board for the MTNA E-Journal, Dr. McAllister is also an active presenter at national conferences such as MTNA and GP3. She holds a DMA from the University of Oklahoma.

Courtney Crappell
Practical Networking: "I know why, when, and where - now tell me how."

Even though we may believe in the power of networking, effectively engaging strangers in a productive yet genuine manner is a challenging social task. This segment will explore ways in which we can prepare for networking opportunities, and then discuss how we can comfortably communicate with potential professional contacts in meaningful ways.

Courtney Crappell, NCTM, is Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) where he teaches piano, piano pedagogy, and coordinates the class piano program. He has been featured at international and national conferences and has published articles and reviews in American Music Teacher and the online journal, Piano Pedagogy Forum. Dr. Crappell's current research project involves the exploration of non-western pedagogical paradigms within the oral tradition and examining the efficacy of aural instruction at the piano.

Scott Donald
"Help! They want to see me teach!"

Whether applying for a pedagogy degree program or a faculty position, most institutions want to see you teach. Drawing from his years of interviewing potential teachers for the New School for Music Study, Dr. Donald will outline the components of a successful teaching demonstration.

L. Scott Donald is on the faculty of the Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin, TX and serves on the faculty at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Interlochen, MI. Formerly the Administrative Director of the New School for Music Study in Kingston, NJ, Dr. Donald has presented his research on the state, national, and international level and has been published in Keyboard Companion, American Music Teacher, Texas Music Education Research and the Piano Pedagogy Forum.

Amy Glennon
From First Impressions to Lasting Relationships: An Exploration of the Components of Professionalism with a Focus on Pre-college Teaching

As Educational Director at the New School for Music Study, Amy Glennon has had the opportunity to work with dozens of recent graduates of pedagogy programs throughout the country. In this session, she will illustrate how she guides these skilled and enthusiastic young teachers as they build new relationships with parents and students, emphasizing the critical importance of professionalism.

Amy Glennon has written articles on piano teaching that have been published in Keyboard Companion and Clavier Companion and is the co-author of four duet collections comprising the Side by Side series, distributed by Alfred Publishing. Video of her group and private teaching was featured at the 2000 MTNA Convention. Ms. Glennon established the group piano program at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA, where she was on the piano faculty from 1990-96.

Putting It All Together: Discussing Your Professional Future
Presenters will each lead a small-group discussion on such topics as developing a business plan, building networking skills, producing an attractive CV or resume, planning a successful teaching demonstration, and more!

Closing Presenter: Angela Beeching
The Entrepreneurial Musician: YOU, Inc.

What future are you designing for yourself? Do you have a well-articulated vision statement, clear objectives, and action steps? Explore how musicians can use key business strategies to transform their paths to success. Music career specialist Angela Myles Beeching, author of Beyond Talent, offers tools to clarify goals and create achievable action steps. Copies of the expanded new edition of her book will be available for purchase and signing!

Music career specialist Angela Myles Beeching is author of the expanded new edition of Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music and a visiting consultant to the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. In demand as a consultant and speaker, Angela has led workshops at Eastman, Peabody, Colburn, and Oberlin Conservatories. She has also been guest speaker at conferences for the National Association of Schools of Music, the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Chamber Music America, and the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy. Ms. Beeching's articles have appeared in Inside Arts, Classical Singer, and Chamber Music magazines.

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Collegiate Pedagogy Teachers
NCKP and the College Pedagogy Teacher
Yu-Jane Yang, Midori Koga, and Sam Holland, Co-Chairs

This seminar is now full and is no longer accepting registrations (April 25, 2011). The main conference remains open for registration and we invite you to consider another pre-conference seminar.

In 1999, Richard Chronister invited a select group of leaders in performance and pedagogy to discuss and explore possibilities for the future of our profession. The result was NCKP as we know it. This year we are planning a reunion gathering of new and old friends to evaluate the past 12 years and to look forward to the next decade.

We want YOU involved!

Designed to both foster and renew fruitful partnerships among those who teach college piano pedagogy and a pedagogy conference that is more intensely focused on their needs, the content of this seminar will be determined by the participants.

Enrollment will be limited to a maximum of 40.

In lieu of workshops, panels, and demonstrations, this seminar is designed to maximize participation and to provide a forum for all who wish to speak. It will be segmented into brief plenary sessions and sets of 40-minute peer-to-peer roundtable discussion periods, each focused on one of the following commissions.

Commission I
What are the most important and urgent issues that we, the college piano pedagogy teachers, face in 2011? How can NCKP best assist our community in addressing these issues?

Commission II
How shall NCKP govern itself and plan for its future? This commission will invite participants to evaluate the activities of NCKP from 2001 to the present. It will proceed to examine our vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategies. What future seminar topics and clinicians would NCKP participants be interested in seeing in the pre-conference seminar for College Piano Pedagogy Teachers?

Commission III
What guidelines and best practices exist in college piano pedagogy curricula today? Participants will be expected to examine The Piano Pedagogy Major in the College Curriculum, Parts I and II (Uszler and Larimer, 1986) and the competencies for bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs that were created by the 2003 NCKP Task Force on Pedagogy Curricula. Combined with learning objectives and syllabi from courses in our respective programs, we will exchange ideas and seek to build common ground.

A professional moderator will lead each plenary session. Participants will divide into four groups of ten to provide the opportunity for everyone to enter into the discussions fully. Every 40 minutes, new groups will form and continue the discussion in different rooms with different leaders. Each 40-minute period will include 25 minutes of discussion, ten minutes of reflective writing, and five minutes of transition.

At the beginning of each peer-to-peer session, two designated leaders from different programs will present their thoughts on the commission and then invite participants to do the same. The discussion should include thoughts on the commission as it relates collegiate pedagogy programs and the preparation of keyboard music teachers. In addition, it should suggest ways that NCKP can help advance the profession with respect to the commission.

Designated reporters will be responsible for compiling participant's commentary and for the recording and transcription of discussions. The completed report, once edited, will be published in the Proceedings of NCKP 2011.

Optional peer-to-peer roundtable meetings will continue daily throughout the conference for those in this group who wish to go deeper into each commission.

Yu-Jane Yang is Presidential Distinguished Professor and Director of Keyboard Studies at Weber State University (UT). She is a frequent presenter, performer, and competition adjudicator nationally and internationally. Dr. Yang is a 2011 MTNA Foundation Fellow, and her college piano student Fan-Ya Lin is the 2010 national first place winner of the MTNA Steinway Young Artist Piano Competition in the U.S.

Midori Koga is Associate Professor of Piano and Pedagogy at the University of Toronto. Active as clinician and performer, Koga has presented at the International Society for Music Education Conference, the MTNA, and performed in Austria, England, and Spain as well as throughout the US and Canada.

Sam Holland is an award-winning professor of music and Director of the Meadows School of the Arts Division of Music. He is executive Director of the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy and an author of over 70 critically acclaimed piano method and repertoire collections.

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Healthful and Joyous Music Making: From Practice to Performance
NCKP Committee on Wellness, Brenda Wristen, Chair

Brenda Wristen
Helping Future University Music Students Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms

University music majors face a number of mental and emotional stressors. Join Brenda Wristen as she offers suggestions for music teachers to help their high school students develop coping skills based on a study of depression and anxiety rates in university music majors.

Brenda Wristen has published numerous articles and conference papers on varied aspects of musician health, including biomechanics of piano technique, reduced-size piano keyboards, and occupational health education for music students. She directs the piano pedagogy, keyboard skills, and Community Piano Experience programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Julie Jaffee Nagel
Performance Anxiety: When is a Symptom more than a Symptom?

Sometimes problems that musicians attribute to performance anxiety go deeper. In this session, Julie Jaffee Nagel will address depression, anxiety and other mental/emotional issues that may underlie performance anxiety, including the potential warning signs of these conditions.

Julie Jaffee Nagel is a graduate of The Juilliard School (BM, MS, Piano), the University of Michigan (MSW, MA, Ph.D, Psychology and Social Work), and The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute (Adult Psychoanalysis). She has received numerous awards for her work and is an expert on the topics of performance anxiety and music and emotion. She maintains a clinical practice in Ann Arbor, MI.

Teresa Dybvig, Kathleen Riley, Barbara Lister-Sink
The Road Back to Performing After Injury

Teresa Dybvig will present a systematic retraining program that helps pianists with focal dystonia improve alignment and movement as well as develop a healthier mindset. Video clips and student statements demonstrate that consciously implementing these changes causes the dystonic movement to ameliorate or even disappear.

Kathleen Riley will discuss the principles of alignment and compensatory movements in injury prevention and retraining. Compensatory movements occur when there is a weakened muscle or part of the body and other parts or muscles "help out." In addressing focal dystonia it is important to strip away the compensations and focus on strengthening the weakened muscles. A set of protocols for retraining will be discussed.

Barbara Lister-Sink will outline the multi-faceted approach she uses to rehabilitate and retrain injured pianists and organists in her Professional Certificate Program in Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique at Salem College, including Alexander Technique, smaller keyboards, a team of mainstream and complementary health care professionals, and an innovative pedagogical approach.

Teresa Dybvig is Director of The Well-Balanced Pianist, which presents programs across North America that focus on musicianship, healthy technique, and optimal practice and performance mindset. She holds a DMA from Yale and prior performance degrees from Indiana University. In addition, she received extensive training in the Taubman Approach to Piano Technique and bodywork. Dr. Dybvig teaches privately in Long Island, Manhattan, Chicago, and Denver, and specializes in helping pianists with playing-related injuries.

An internationally known clinician, Kathleen Riley presents workshops and lectures on technique and alignment and injury prevention and retraining. Dr. Riley teaches piano and conducts research in music pedagogy and injury retraining at New York University. She is a research consultant for Yamaha Corporation of America and Clinical Director of ProformaVision.

Barbara Lister-Sink, internationally acclaimed pianist and acknowledged leader in injury-preventive technique, won the 2002 MTNA-Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award for her DVD Freeing the Caged Bird - Developing Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Piano Technique. Presently Artist-in-Residence at Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC, she has taught on the Eastman School of Music Artist Faculty and was keyboardist for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. At Salem College, she directs the US's first fully accredited Professional Certificate Program in Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique.

Kathleen Riley
The Performer's Network

In this session, Kathleen Riley will discuss the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary, medically-based, global performance enhancement network. Discover the key role pedagogues will play in the health and well being of performers and students worldwide through an unprecedented collaboration with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic serving as the central hub of the network.

Linda Cockey, Gail Berenson, Barbara Lister-Sink
Panel Discussion: From Studio to Stage

How we interact with students in our studios has a direct bearing upon their performance experiences. Panelists will discuss practical studio teaching tips that promote positive, joyous practice and performance.

Linda Cockey is professor and chair of the Department of Music at Salisbury University in Maryland. For over ten years, she has taught a Wellness in Performance class that includes injury prevention for all musicians and actors. Linda writes the annual annotated bibliography article for American Music Teacher.

Gail Berenson, Professor of Piano at Ohio University, Athens, is a dedicated teacher, active performer, passionate chamber music collaborator, and noted expert on musician wellness issues. Immediate Past President of MTNA, she has performed and lectured in over thirty states and eight countries. Ms. Berenson is one of the co-authors of A Symposium for Pianists and Teachers: Strategies to Develop Mind and Body for Optimal Performance and a contributor to the fourth edition of James Lyke's Creative Piano Teaching.

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Technology Immersion Track 1*
NCKP Committee on Technology, George Litterst, Chair

An NCKP Exclusive Opportunity!

Introducing the Music Teacher Web Kit

Are you ready to start promoting your studio on the web, but afraid of the technology? Worried that good websites are out of your financial reach? Do you already have your own website, but wish it had more multimedia elements or interactivity? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the Music Teacher Web Kit is the answer you need!

During this pre-conference event, music industry marketing guru Tom Folenta will unveil a new offering through which music teachers can build and manage their own studio websites. With a template-based tool kit, the Music Teacher Web Kit is a subscription-based service with modules for creating a unique identity on the web. In addition to creating a professional-looking information hub for your services, the Music Teacher Web Kit will also provide:

In addition to the nuts and bolts of creating your site with these simple tools, Mr. Folenta will share highlights from his 20+ years of creating educational and marketing videos to help you find exciting ways to harness the power of new media to promote your music business.

If this sounds intriguing, prepare to bring your laptop to NCKP along with pre-existing content that you would like to use in your website, such as a studio logo, photos, and text. During the course of this pre-conference seminar, you will use the Music Teacher Web Kit to build your own website.

A one-year "Silver" level membership to Music Teacher Web Kit is INCLUDED in the cost of the pre-conference workshop. This means that Tom's company will host the site that you build for the next year at no additional charge.

Tom Folenta
Tom Folenta is graduate of William Patterson College in New Jersey, where he majored in jazz piano performance. He has received several prestigious music awards, including the John Philip Sousa award, Who's Who Among Music Students in America, Yamaha's National Electone Championship, and the 1984 Silver Medalist in Yamaha's International Organ Competition. Tom routinely performs concerts in the United States, Canada, South America and England.

MIDItainment Inc , established in 1993, is a multimedia marketing company that specializes in creating media-based tools and services that center around web publishing, product training, music education, and digital communication. Today, MIDItainment offers several music industry-focused web companies, such as the Music Dealer Web Kit Program, MClub Interactive, Link-To-Learn Music, and its newest entry, The Music Teacher Web kit Program.

* Special note: There is an additional registration fee of $75 for this workshop in addition to the regular pre-conference registration. Participants must bring a laptop with wireless connectivity to the session.

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Technology Immersion Track 2
NCKP Committee on Technology, George Litterst, Chair

Note: All sessions in the pre-conference Technology Track 2 will be repeated singly as workshops during the main conference except for the mini-session, "Mobile Teaching Devices in the Studio," which will only occur during the pre-conference.

Susan Capestro and Kathleen Theisen
Instructional Videos - Featuring You!

Create and upload presentations that your students can access anytime! Using simple tools, capture yourself, your piano, your hands and your computer screen. Many concepts, including those related to technique, theory and repertoire, become more entertaining and lasting when introduced or reinforced via video.

Susan Capestro, composer of commissioned and commercial music, performs with symphony players and swing bands, and has recorded a jazz CD. Her pedagogical specialty is blending jazz/pop with piano classics. Having first created corporate videos at Witcom Productions, she now produces tutorials for, an educational website she founded.

Kathleen Ann Theisen has presented workshops on jazz piano, music technology, web design, studio entrepreneurship and music for life at MTNA, ATMI and NCKP. Currently Assistant Professor at Western Connecticut State University , she has taught piano and voice in her own studio for 21 years and debuted with the Metropolitan Opera Chorus in 2003.

Stella Sick, George Litterst, Shana Kirk, and Mario Ajero
Your Student Recitals, Live on the Internet!

It is customary for teachers to post photos, audio clips, and even videos of their own or their student recitals on the Internet. This session will show you how you can use accessible and affordable tools to stream your concerts live to distance audiences!

Dr. Stella Branzburg Sick holds BM and MM degrees from the Eastman School of Music and DMA degree from the University of Minnesota. She teaches at Hamline University, works for Zenph Sound Innovations as a Performance Analyst and is a Managing Director of the Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition.

George Litterst is a nationally known music educator, clinician, author, performer, and music software developer. A classically-trained pianist, he is also co-author of the intelligent music display and accompaniment software program Home Concert Xtreme, the musical presentation program Classroom Maestro, and the long distance teaching program Internet MIDI.

Read more about these products by visiting

Shana Kirk is a pianist, teacher, technology consultant, and arts advocate in Denver, CO. Focusing on teaching and performing technologies, she presents performances and workshops at music and music education events and conferences nationwide. She is also a contributor to publications such as American Music Teacher and Clavier Companion.

Mario Ajero is Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy at Stephen F. Austin State University. Dr. Ajero has written articles and technology reviews for American Music Teacher and Clavier Companion, and presented at national conferences such as MTNA and CMS/ATMI. He hosts The Piano Podcast, which serves close to 10,000 subscribers worldwide.

Lori Frazer
How to Apply Traditional Piano Technique to Multitimbral Keyboards

Modern digital pianos offer an amazing array of real-time performance features, such as hundreds of sounds, splits, layers, registrations, aftertouch, and special pedal applications. Find out how a traditionally trained pianist can harness this digital power for creative purposes.

Lori Frazer, a musician and consultant to Yamaha, enjoys sharing the marvels of digital piano technology with everyone and brings the amazement and wellness benefits of music making to people who never thought it possible to play an instrument.

Courtney Crappell and Steve Hall
Accessible Audio Recording Techniques

Recording a lesson or a recital can mean anything from using a digital pocket recording device to setting up professional microphones. This session will demystify the issues surrounding the capture of great sounding piano recordings and will illustrate how to go from microphone to computer to CD, DVD, mobile listening device, or web. Simple and free sound editing options will be included.

Courtney Crappell is Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he teaches piano, piano pedagogy, and coordinates class piano. Dr. Crappell has been featured at international and national conferences and has published articles and reviews in American Music Teacher and the online journal, Piano Pedagogy Forum.

Steven Hall, pianist, teacher and clinician, has performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Taiwan. President of BPC Recording and co-founder of Brandeis Piano Conservatory in Richardson, TX, Dr. Hall is principal CD/DVD reviewer for Clavier Companion.

Gay Garard-Brewer and Rebecca Bellelo
You CAN Teach Long Distance!

Private teachers and college faculty can teach students who live anywhere in the country and even the world. No more missed lessons due to problems of distance, weather, schedule, sickness, or disability. Join this interactive session and learn how to use these affordable tools!

Gay Garard-Brewer, DMA, NCTM, is an independent piano teacher and full-time faculty member at U. Montana-Western. In addition to her college teaching responsibilities, her private students range from Kindergarten through adult. Dr. Garard-Brewer, her husband Albert Brewer, DMA, NCTM, and daughter Martha, MM, NCTM, have been involved with online teaching since the advent of Internet MIDI.

Rebecca C. Bellelo holds degrees from Delta State University and Louisiana State University and currently is pursuing a PhD in music education at Louisiana State University. She teaches group piano courses and maintains a private studio of traditional and distance lesson environments. She has presented research at MTNA and NCKP. Her doctoral dissertation is an investigation of musical achievement and attitude of beginning students receiving distance lessons.

NCKP Tech Gurus
Mobile Teaching Devices in the Studio

Do you carry a still camera, audio recorder, video camcorder, metronome, flash cards, dictionary, and interactive music games in your pocket? With a modern smart phone or tablet computer, you have access to all of these items and more in one, small mobile device. The NCKP Tech Gurus will show you their favorite mobile apps in this mini session.

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