Fascinating subjects, visionary thinkers, movers, and shakers - substance, style, energy, entertainment, and technology are all PEDxi - an experimental new feature of the National Conference on Pedagogy 2011.

PEDxi is about challenging boundaries between art and pedagogy, music and technology. It is equally about dreaming and life-changing innovation. Speakers at PEDxi receive 25 minutes to give "the talk of their lives," delivered in a rapid-fire format, accompanied by exciting visuals and demonstrations.

PEDxi is devoted to presenting groundbreaking ideas and activities in the field of keyboard music and education. Each presenter will be invited for remarkable contributions to our discipline - contributions that are already making a positive difference and have the potential to make a transformational difference in the world.

In lieu of traditional lectures and demonstrations on the morning of Friday, July 29, 2011, PEDxi will present five brief, intensely focused 25-minute sessions. The event will be streamed live for a global audience from NCKP.

In 2011, the presenters will be selected by invitation only. In 2013, NCKP will present a combination of invited and nominated speakers. And, in 2015, we anticipate a slate comprised entirely of applications and nominations.

Read on for details...

*PEDxi is inspired by, but has no affiliation with TED, a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Today, the annual TED conference brings the world's leading thinkers to speak for 18 minutes each.

photo Lori Frazer
Who Would've Thought It Was Possible?

With a creative teacher, the right technologies, and musical rewards that come without great risk, anyone can experience the joys of music making. Lori Frazer details how physical, mental, and emotional handicaps need not be a barrier to music study and even collaborative performance.

Lori Frazer enjoys sharing her love of teaching and the marvels of modern music technology with everyone. A passionate advocate of music making, Lori has been the leader of the popular Yamaha Clavinova Festival since 1997. She uses Yamaha's Clavinova Connection program to serve the medical and wellness community, Wounded Warriors, seniors, and individuals with special needs. Lori resides in the southwest with her husband, Skip, and basset hound, Bentley.

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photo Kristin Shoemaker
Mud Huts, MIDI, & Light Bulb Moments

How can piano instruction play a role in the explosion of distance learning options? Kristin Shoemaker, a piano teacher based in Minnesota, has erased continental boundaries and pioneered musical learning opportunities for students in rural Zambia.

Kristin Shoemaker has become a pioneer in e-learning in music, using the Internet to erase the boundaries of her Minnesota-based piano studio. Her work has been presented at the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) 2011 Convention, WebSCI2010, MTNA 2010, and ATMI 2010. Kristin is a member of the Royal Conservatory of Music's College of Examiners and serves as a consultant for MacPhail Center of Music. Her M.M. and D.M.A degrees are in Accompanying/Coaching from the University of Minnesota.

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photo Alexander Braginsky
An International Piano Competition Is Now In Your Livingroom!

In 2002, a new international piano competition in St. Paul, MN found a way to surmount barriers of time and space and made it possible for a judge to participate from Japan. Join Alexander Braginsky as he shows that today, competition performances can stream directly to your computer and even play live on your piano!

Born and educated in Moscow, Alexander Braginsky is the Founding President and the Artistic Director of the Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition. A frequent performer on the world stage with repertoire that extends from Baroque to avant-garde, Alex has pioneered the concept of using modern technologies to share live performances with world-wide audiences. Professor of Piano at the University of Minnesota School of Music, Alex is also the Director of the International Piano Institute at Hamline University in Saint Paul. Alex makes his home in Minneapolis with his wife, cellist Tanya Remenikova.

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photo John Q. Walker
And They Still Play Today!

Glenn Gould, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Art Tatum: legends of live piano performance lost to time. John Q. Walker asks us to imagine hearing those great, departed musicians play again today, just as they would in person. Such is the promise of Walker's company, Zenph Studios, which builds technologies to re-create live music performances.

A pianist and software engineer, John Q. Walker is a co-founder of Zenph Sound Innovations. Mr. Walker's current work focuses on developing technologies and processes for extracting performance gesture data from audio recordings, which results in malleable performance data that can be used to create re-performances on high-resolution output devices (such as the Disklavier Pro) and to provide raw material for interactive computer environments. His company's work was named one of the "Best Ideas of the Year" by The New York Times Magazine and has received multiple GRAMMY nominations.

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photo Mei-Ting Sun
The Pianist of the Net Generation

Equally at home in the hyper-virtuoso transcriptions of Art Tatum's jazz and the Chopin Etudes, Mei-Ting Sun has built an enviable career as a pianist in the age of the Internet, Facebook, and Twitter. In his uniquely congenial and entertaining style, he will reflect and share his impressions on what it means to be a pianist of the "Net Generation."

Mr. Sun will follow his PEDxi session with a solo recital.

Mei-Ting Sun is the First Prize winner of the 7th National Chopin Piano Competition and the first Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition. Named one of the Musicians of the Year 1996 by the Village Voice at age 15, Mr. Sun has performed in many of world's great concert halls, including Alice Tully Hall, where his performance was praised by The New York Times as "stunningly fluid." For NCKP 2009, Mr. Sun performed a noon recital in the Salon at Yamaha Artist Services in New York City. He played on a Disklavier piano that was connected live over the Internet to a Disklavier on stage at NCKP using Internet MIDI software. Skype delivered live video of the performance that was projected onto a large screen for a much-delighted NCKP audience.

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